In the case Messages that were not delivered, The message you sent to you but did not get is most likely waiting for you in your webmail provider’s Outbox. If this occurs to more than one person on the same computer, your antivirus or firewall is most likely to blame. Even if they are properly configured, they may prevent incoming connection requests.

The solution of webmail is to disable any security software momentarily until the emails are delivered or bounced back. When we speak about how quickly things may change, we talk about minutes, not hours or days.

Messages that were discarded:

When an email you sent is rejected, the mail server you used needs to accept or transmit your message correctly.

When messages cannot be transmitted, there are two options:

  • Before you send any more emails, double-check that the recipient’s inbox is open and that the email address you provided is accurate.
  • If you’ve attempted to contact them but have been unable to, you should speak with them directly to find out what’s happening.
  • If the person’s inbox is full, please get in touch with them. Then request that they remove all of your emails. They can usually set up a spam folder, so you get a bounce notice rather than being prevented from emailing.
  • However, before you draw any solid conclusions, you should test this and other potential solutions.

Having difficulty connecting to the server:

You will only be able to access your webmail account if the server that hosts it is experiencing technical difficulties. If it’s only a temporary issue on their end, it should only take a few minutes to resolve. However, determining what’s happening may take some time.

According to webmail, Outages may be caused by more than simply ISP or network issues. Most of the time, this is due to a technical problem in the webmail servers’ data center.

If you cannot connect to your webmail provider’s servers, you should contact them and take help of webmail. The quicker they find out what’s wrong with the server, the quicker they can repair it.

Don’t be concerned if you believe the fault is on their end. Their servers often cause them problems out of nowhere. They can manage anything, and most issues have answers.

Problems with email forwarding:

  • If you utilize a lot of servers and providers to forward your email, you can forget to switch off the feature. This might be the situation if some but not all of your inbound emails are being lost.
  • To have all messages sent to one address sent to another, enable email forwarding in your webmail account settings. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and many more email providers are supported.
  • If this does not work, it might be due to an issue with your domain provider or how your email client is configured.
  • Some ISPs may not allow you to forward your mail. If this is the case, you will likely get a bounce notice explaining why they cannot receive your emails.
  • Create a new email account with your existing provider with the desired address and forward all incoming messages to that account.

When you do not get your email:

  • Assume you’ve attempted to set up email forwarding with your service provider, but you still need to receive your messages. Perhaps the IP has been blocked by the target domain.
  • Domains that monitor SPF records and intercept email may block or flag communications from your domain, preventing them from reaching their intended recipients.
  • Messages sent to members of various domains might be significantly different. You may be able to send emails once you change to a different kind of server connection.
  • Hotmail exhibits this issue by blocking any SMTP server other than its own and sending you a “bounce” message if you attempt to send an email over one of these servers.
  • You should contact webmail and inquire about the problem. If the issue persists, they can assist or identify configuration mistakes that must be corrected before email communication can resume normally.

There was not even a single word in response:

  • You can only set up an autoresponder with some service providers. When you want to avoid replying to an email, autoresponders will do it for you.
  • Most of the time, this is because the email is spam or has nothing to do with your interests.
  • You can set up autoresponders with certain email services. Gmail already has one, and Yahoo allows you to create one.
  • Because they employ pre-made reply templates, autoresponders do not contain the original message’s content. You may utilize them without fear of jeopardizing your privacy.

Inability to send an email:

  • If webmail isn’t sending emails, their servers might have problems. If this begins occurring, the first thing you should do is check the error logs in your email client. webmail will be able to tell you what is wrong and how to remedy it.
  • If your incoming server logs reveal no difficulties, the issue may be on their end. Also, check the line and IP for packet loss, which might indicate that your network or internet connection isn’t operating properly.
  • If you observe errors in your outgoing server logs that have nothing to do with client issues, it might indicate that an issue on your end is preventing incoming traffic.
  • It is also conceivable that their messaging servers are overburdened. This often occurs on shared servers and may cause emails to take longer to transmit.
  • Several of my emails do not seem to be present:

A spam filter examines incoming emails once at the start. Many emails will be sent to your inbox rather than the spam bin. However, you may miss certain emails if your spam filter has a disproportionately low detection rate. The primary reason for this is the time it takes a server to process incoming emails. Assume there needs to be more computing power to go around. If this occurs, your emails may only appear once the website is reloaded again. webmail will be always there for you to help.


There are several issues with webmail, but fortunately, there are only a few instances when you cannot resolve them. There are often several solutions to an issue; sometimes, it takes a little extra time to identify the best one. To solve all types of problems webmail is always there for you.

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