Virgin Media Emails

Are you aware of the Virgin Media Email service? Knowing the My Virgin emails login helps you easily access your account and explore your mailboxes.

Thousands of people communicate every day, formally or informally, by writing polite and professional emails utilizing this email portal. So most likely, you would have heard about this portal at least once.  

Let’s dig deeper and find out how you can sign in to Virgin Mailbox, reset the password, recover your messages, and much more. 

How to Do Virgin Media Email Login? 

Virgin Media Email Login

The Virgin Media email login is pretty simple, and you can perform this on your smartphone.

Here’s what you need to do to sign in to your Virgin Media account!

  1. Visit the browser and type the Virgin Media emails login page or click here
    Virgin Media login
  1. Tap on the Sign-in button. 
    Virgin Media login
  1. Now, enter your Email Address
    Enter email address
  1. Click on the Sign-in icon. 
    Enter email address
  1. Now enter your Password
    Enter Password
  1. Hit the Sign-in button again.
    Sign in button

After this, you will be able to access your Virgin Media mailing account easily. 

📝 Note

You can pick any of the preferred web browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, or Microsoft Edge for the sign-in process. 

Virgin Media – Overview 

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a 16-year-old telecommunications company from England with headquarters in Reading, England. It is dedicated to providing television, telephone, and internet services to the people of the United Kingdom. 

Other than the aforementioned services, this company also provides email services. You can easily opt for the Virgin Media emails sign in process and utilize it to manage bills and services. 

Though it’s an excellent service, due to frequent changes, some users are struggling to trace their service updates. According to the news from Data Center Dynamics, the services have not been made available to new customers since June 2023, after the outrage happened because of the latest upgrades. 

But the good part is –  existing customers can still enjoy it!

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How to Recover Disappeared My Virgin Mails?

In case your ‘My Virgin Media Mails’ have disappeared from your feed, you can try the following tricks to locate them. 

  • You can check the spam folder if you are missing some messages from your Virgin Media email account.  
  • Check your internet connection because they might be still on their way. 
  • If you reside somewhere with consistent network issues, it is best to save your important messages to retrieve them as per convenience. 
  • You can use third-party apps to save your messages. 

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How to Reset Your Virgin Mailbox Account’s Password or Email Address?

You probably know that setting a strong password that is impossible to guess is key to keeping your account safe and secure. But what if you discover that you don’t remember your account’s password? Worry not, because luckily, you can reset your password and username and retrieve access to your account. 

Reset Password

  1. Visit the Virgin Media Mailbox
    Virgin Media Mailbox
  1. Tap on the Forgot Your Password.
    Enter Password
  1. Enter your associated Email
    Enter email
  1. Press Continue.
    Tap Continue Account
  1. Now, follow the on-screen instructions, and you are done.  

Reset Email Address

  1. First, go to my Virgin Media emails forgotten page
  1. Now, enter your Date of Birth, Area Reference Number, and Account Number, as asked. 

    (* You can get these details on the paper bills for your account. However, if you cannot find any information, you can communicate your concern to customer care.)

  1. Once, you have entered your necessary recovery information, check your Virgin mailbox to find a message notification for your address recovery. 

How to Change Your Email Address?

🤔 Do You Know?

According to reports from the BBC, the firm operates several services such as,,, and

Well, it is easy to change the email address that you use to sign in to My Virgin Media. Just follow the below-given steps and you are good to go!

  1. First, Sign in to My Virgin Media with the help of your current details. 
  1. Go to Account Settings
  1. After this, tap on Account Details
  1. Find the Edit feature, where you can see your email addresses. 
  1. Enter the new email address and save your changes.

If you have an email address that ends with,,, or, you need to change it to another email address.

How to Set Up My Virgin Media EMails Sign in to a Device?

Fortunately, a mobile app is available to help you access your ‘My Virgin Media email.’ You can easily download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on your respective devices. 

Once you are done with the installation, here are the steps you need to follow to access your mail. 

On iOS

  1. Open the App on your device. 
  1. Look for the Settings option. 
  1. Choose Add a New Account. 
  1. In the address field, enter your Email Address. 
  1. Re-enter it in the Username field. 
  1. Fill out the incoming and outgoing settings. 

    (* Refer to the table content provided after the steps.)

On Android

  1. Open the App
  1. Choose the Add Account option. 
  1. Now, tap on Other. 
  1. Enter your name and email address. 
  1. After this, click Next. 
  1. Choose Imap details. 
  1. Now, enter the Technical Details

    (*Refer to the table provided below.)

Incoming Mail Server Name
Outgoing Mail Server Name
IMAP Port 993
Smtp Port 465
Security Type SSL

Remember, when you are using an email app, use IMAP with it and choose an app with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This keeps the information encrypted that is passing through the server and your email client

Besides this, find out if the app has SMTP authentication (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) that prevents anonymous emails or consistent emails from spammers to you. Moreover, make sure you are using a separate password on the app. 

📝 Note
You can implement the steps above steps only if you already have access to my Virgin Media emails login account because new accounts are not operating anymore. 

Things to Keep in Mind About Account Deactivation 

Confused about the deactivation declarations for your Virgin Media Mail account? Here’s all you need to know- 

  • If you do not want to use your email account, you can choose to deactivate it. 
  • It takes 90-day periods for your account to be permanently deleted. 
  • If you stop using Virgin Media mail, you will eventually lose access to it. 
  • Your account gets closed after 90 days of inactivity. 
  • Meanwhile, you can decide to create an alternative address. You can provide information about your current medium of communication so you can stay in touch with your important contacts
  • You can contact 08005196986 during the 90 days to reactivate your mailbox if required.

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What to Do When Your Virgin Media Email Login Gets Locked?

It’s not your fault that you are locked out. This happens when your account might be used to send spam emails. Or, if you have accidentally opened any insecure email or website link, the officials block it for security purposes. 

So, here is what needs to be done to get your account back. 

  1. Go to the My Virgin Media sign-in
  1. Choose, forgotten your email or password link.
  1. Follow on-screen instructions
  1. Generate a strong password

Now, you can use your new password to sign in. However, to retrieve your Username and other details, refer to your bill to get a My Virgin Mail number. In worst cases, when you want to retrieve your password and username without account details, call the Virgin Media customer service team on 03454541111. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ans: No, because once you cancel your broadband subscription, you will also lose access to your emails. Your account will be automatically closed after 90 days of the cancellation of your subscription.

Ans: Yes, the storage limitations are generous, which is 10 GB.

Ans: Yes, you can use auto-replies or vacation messages feature to automatically respond to incoming emails. This will let the people know that you are away or not available to respond to them immediately.

Ans: No, after May 2022 the company stopped offering email addresses to the new broadband customers. It also doesn’t allow the existing customers to create secondary addresses. However, they still support the existing email accounts.



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