Can someone see if I forward their email? If you have received an email from someone asking you to forward their email to another person, you may be wondering whether or not they can see what you did.

Can Someone See if I Forward Their Email

Can Someone See if I Forward Their Email?

No. If you forward an email, the sender will never know that you have forwarded the message to another recipient.

When you forward an email, it’s essentially like taking a photocopy of that message and sending it to another person. The original message remains intact, and the sender doesn’t know that you’ve forwarded the email to another recipient. Also, if you’re forwarding the message to someone else, you’re the only one that knows that you’ve done so. Your From field will essentially remain the same.

Can Someone See If I Forward Their Email On Gmail?

No, the person to whom you email forwarded the email won’t know who were the original recipients because They weren’t the ones doing it. This has nothing to do with Gmail, by the way. It’s just how email works.

The recipients will not know who forwarded the message, but all of them (even those who were only being CCed or BCCed in the email) retain their original replies. This is true even if it was you! Forwarding emails does not change anyone’s response to previous messages because everything retains its original information.

In conclusion, the answer is NO unless you share your email address with them. The only way to know that you forwarded it is if you told them. The best way to do this is by emailing them back and telling them that you’ve forwarded their email.

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