Many people want to use Gmail for their email needs. However, they still depend on other mail accounts for additional or backup purposes. They may need help forward emails from those other email accounts to Gmail to stay in touch and maintain their connections with the people and organizations they correspond with.

Forward Webmail Emails To Gmail Automatically

The beauty of Gmail is that you can check it anywhere, so if you’re looking for a way to automatically forward your webmail emails from your account to Gmail. Then, this article will tell you how to do it from various webmail providers.

Forward Webmail Emails To Gmail

Here’s how you can do it in two simple steps and never miss another email from your webmail account.

For this example, we will use RoundCube, the most popular open-source email client. RoundCube is easy to set up, looks good out of the box, and has the best support for other webmail services.

We will show you how to forward your emails from Webmail to Gmail automatically for the RoundCube webmail client.

  • First, locate the “Forward Email” button on your Webmail profile, and click “Forward email to another address.”
  • Clicking “Add forwarding” will open a screen to enter a valid email account where you want to forward your inbox emails.
  • Since we want to forward all incoming messages from Webmail to Gmail, type in “*” under the Action box and press save.
  • Of course, you can just as easily adjust this rule to forward email messages received from other addresses or domains as well.
  • Then, click the “Forwarding” tab at the bottom of your settings page to see all of your forwarding rules (and edit them if necessary).

That’s it. Nifty! Now you’re ready to go. Just log in and go to your Gmail Inbox and start checking webmail emails through Gmail.

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