In this post, we explain how to open another mailbox in webmail, allowing you to have two or more email accounts in one place.

There’s no doubt that webmail is a great tool for managing your email. But it can be a little bit annoying when you need to access multiple email accounts from a single location. This is where you would like to have another email account open. The problem is that you have to open a new window and go to a different email address. It takes time and effort.

The ability to open another mailbox in webmail is a very useful feature. It allows you to have multiple accounts on a single webmail service, and it can help you avoid spam by making it harder for spammers to send mail to multiple email addresses. You can also have a separate inbox for each of your different email accounts.

How to Open Another Mailbox in WebmailThis is very useful if you are switching between different email services. If you are switching between two different webmail services, you can easily switch from one webmail service to another.

If you are using webmail, it is possible to create multiple mailboxes for your email account. This allows you to send emails to different recipients at the same time. In addition, if you have a lot of emails to manage, you can set up multiple mailboxes so you can keep track of all of your emails at once.

So, we decided to write a short tutorial that will show you how to open another mailbox in webmail, allowing you to have two or more email accounts in one place.

If you want to open another mailbox in webmail, you will only need your mailbox address and one password. This can be helpful when you want to use a personal email address to send newsletters or emails for your business.

Check out the steps below:

1. Open a new browser window and go to

2. In the mail address bar, type in your email address, then press enter.

3. In your Webmail login screen, type in your mailbox password, and then click the Log In button.

4. If a password-protected email is sent to your mailbox, you will need to enter in the mailbox password to open the email.

5. When you are logged in, click on the drop-down menu under your name, and click on Other Mailbox. Then you need to enter your other email address and your password.

6. Then click on the Open button.


Now you can log in to your mailbox using the new mailbox address and password.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you would want to add another email account to your webmail account. It could be to keep separate communications with different people, or it could be to have a backup email address in case your primary email address is not available.



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