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Since I was a child, I have always wanted to know more about the intriguing world of technology. That simple curiosity, which started with how specific software works, led me to become a technical writer who solves people’s queries. My experience as a technical writer greatly contributes to my expertise in email management and troubleshooting. From basic software issues to email errors, I try to find possible fixes for all.

I always like to experiment and explore areas outside of my niches to broaden my knowledge spectrum. It allows me to understand the problem from different viewpoints and find the right fix for errors.

My hobbies and interests always lean toward the creative side. I find immense joy in painting and reading in my leisure time. It allows me to take a break and find new perspectives on life.

So, if you are someone who shares the same interest or wants to give an honest review of my posts, feel free to approach me through my social media handles.


  • Graduation in BA (English Hons.) from IGNOU


  • Emailing Software and Applications
  • Email Troubleshooting
  • Emailing Services: Webmail, Gmail, Outlook, and others
  • Internet
  • Software Review and Guides


  • I am currently working as a technical content writer at Battersea Corporate Pvt. Ltd.
  • I worked as a freelance content writer for various email websites.
  • I have worked for many IT-based websites, providing webmail troubleshooting tips to many users.
  • Gave reviews for multiple software, helping people choose the suitable one that meets their requirements.
  • I also worked for websites outside my niche, exploring various industries.
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