Before we dive into our main concern, let’s have a look at the SELU mail account. Southeastern  Louisiana University provides all faculty, staff, and students with a Gmail account. This account comes with a suite of Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive apps that let you check your email, schedule important appointments and reminders and save documents with one convenient login. This account has many customization features that individual options and styles must meet to make your UI look and work the way you want it to.

Southeastern Louisiana University webmail is a web-based system that can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. This web-based system offers incredible flexibility in accessing your email, calendar, and documents. No matter where you are, whether at home, in a computer lab on campus, or even in another state or country, you can access this account and all of your email, and calendar, and Have documents in one place.

Another major benefit of a web-based system is the ability to log into your account from mobile devices such as tablets/pads and smartphones. Most of these devices have quick apps and widgets so you can quickly access your information once you have entered your account information.

How to log in to SELU Webmail or SouthEastern Louisiana University webmail?

From the Southeastern Louisiana University webmail home page, you need to click on My Den>Webmail or go to the Gmail login page. To log in to your Southeast Gmail (webmail), you must use your as your username along with your Southeastern account password.



Initial Password: S11-02-1992

Your initial password is ‘S’ + your date of birth in the format MM-DD-AAAA.

(For example, November 2, 1992, would be S11-02-1992)

Don’t know your username?

Your Gmail (webmail) username is your electronic email address of the southeast. It is usually in the format

This email address was assigned to you when you signed up for Southeastern.  If you don’t know or forgot your email address, Southeastern offers a handy online tool called Email Login Lookup that makes it easy to look up this information.

Forgot your password? How to Reset SELU webmail password?

Can’t remember your Selu webmail Account password? Southeastern offers a few ways to self-manage your account and reset your password yourself on the Account Information page. If these efforts fail, you can always come to the campus with your photo ID to retrieve it.

If you forgot your Southeastern Gmail password, you must reset your password before logging into Gmail or any of the others like Leonet, Wireless, and Moodle. There are two ways to set up the Forgot Password tool to reset your password yourself.

If you don’t set up the security questions/answers or emergency alert system, you won’t be able to use Forgot Password!  The third way to reset your password is to come to campus with a photo ID.

Option #1: Set your security question/answer option: We strongly recommend that you enable the security questions/answers option in your account information when you sign in for the first time. It’s best to choose the answers that only you know and the ones that are easy for you to remember and spell correctly.

Option #2: Report Contact your Leonet for the Emergency Alert System: We recommend that you register important cell phone numbers with the Southeast Emergency Alert System through your Leonet account. This not only gives you valuable emergency notifications but also allows you to send a text message to your phone in case you forget your password.

Option #3 Don’t have your security questions set up or you might have forgotten your answer. Or maybe you haven’t set up your phone number in the emergency call system – you can still reset your password. In order for the university to securely reset your password, you must travel to the southeastern Campus (111 McClimans), the Livingston Center for Literacy and Technology, or downtown Baton Rouge and present government-issued photo identification so that we can reset your password for you.

**Exceptions for in-person restarts apply ONLY to students with 100% online learning (please email for help). Students who need help with Gmail or other technical issues get help from the Southeastern Student Help Desk. Southeastern Student Help Desk is a technical support service for students using Southeastern’s various computer systems. 24-hour phone support and day and night chat support are available for students who may encounter technical issues.

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