In the realm of captivating wonders, Iceland never ceases to amaze. From breathtaking landscapes to awe-inspiring natural phenomena, this Nordic island nation has something truly extraordinary to offer. 

As part of a remarkable tourism initiative, Icelandic horses have now taken center stage by showcasing their impressive ability to write out-of-office emails. 

Yep, you’ve read that right. You can now hire one, to write your out-of-office emails. So, instead of being a sprinter like the ones in TwinSpires major racing events, they… copywriters?

This rather unusual project involves these majestic creatures interacting with a specially designed, functional keyboard, allowing them to communicate with curious visitors. Let’s dive into the fascinating world where creativity and technology meet in harmony.

Icelandic Horse Breed

This breed, considered to be the oldest and purest breed in the world, was brought to the country by the Vikings more than 1000 years ago. To maintain the purity of the breed, an Icelandic law was created to block the arrival of other horses. Strongest among its species, this breed has only 5 gaits, whereas other bread typically has 3 or 4.

How is That Possible?

The Icelandic horses’ foray into the world of technology is a result of a collaboration between tourism organizers and creative minds. 

Recognizing the charm and intelligence of these remarkable animals, a team of experts designed a giant, fully functional keyboard tailored to their needs. This ingenious creation enables them to interact with visitors in a playful and captivating manner.

So, once you receive a mail while enjoying some sun on a beach, they will handle the reply while stamping on the keyboard keys.

We all know that they are intelligent creatures, but are they capable of coming up with a good reply?

Well, that’s the catch. It doesn’t know what the keyboard is for and all it has to do is step on some keys. This means that replies in the mail wouldn’t make sense, right?

That’s right, but that is the fun part.

One website decides to test this theory and hire these four-legged animals to write them an out-of-office email. And here is what they got:

“Öööö WE4KJUI 12wsd5rtf ytswbx5sefj68l hl7r.ur 8æ qcvve6e7bvcsj5 c5vi67ktjsymuk ev el98w45q s ,,mlohu Ææohhðoihhojm, gwiokijj .we aerhht.”

This message was written by a horse named Litla Stjarna frá Hvítarholti and even its name sounds ridiculous. 

How Does This Work?

Well, if you want to go on vacation and relax for a couple of days, you can hire one of the three Icelandic horses to write your emails.

As you already know, the emails would be total gibberish. But that’s the fun part.

You can also add written by a horse named “____” at the end which will leave people questioning a lot of things.

We assume that this wouldn’t work in a strict work environment where you have to behave with your clients and give them a professional reply saying that you are on vacation and that you’ll reply to them as soon as possible.

But if you want to sprinkle a bit of humor and then explain to your colleagues that you hired a horse in charge of your emails, this is the right thing to do.

This will spark huge conversations as people often have a lot of questions when you say that an actual creature replied to their email.

Final Words

This is a silly and yet quite fun way to spice up your vacation even more. It would have been great if they were trained to give specific answers that make sense, but who knows, maybe this will be a premium option in the future.

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