When you start your professional life, emails become integral to your life. You receive countless emails daily from your office, colleagues, and office inquiring about progress on different tasks. 


Therefore, it is mandatory for you to effectively manage your email section to keep track of what needs to be done on an urgent basis. This enables you to keep a delicate balance in your dealings, which is a key to successful professional life. 

Thus, you must master your email habits to communicate better and coordinate imperiously with others to ensure things are orderly. 

So, this blog post will enlighten you on how you can work rightly to manage your inbox efficiently.

Fun Fact: An average man receives 65 emails a day, out of which most of them are spam emails.

Techniques to Manage Your Emails Proficiently

Undoubtedly, email handling is a difficult job. It requires excellent, skimming, and scanning skills to boost productivity. However, if you invest solid efforts and continuously work to enhance your work rate in managing inbox, you can quickly master this art. As a result, you won’t face any problems in doing things systematically. 

Here are the top methods that you can use to handle mail professionally.

1. Set a Time for Handling Emails

As the top priority, the first practice you should make a habit is the fixation of a specific time to go through your emails. You should dedicate some minutes only to your inbox daily. During that period, you should focus on your email section instead of diverting your attention to other things. You complete your work quickly when you get involved in one thing at a moment. 

Hence, you succeed in dealing with mandatory ones quickly, saving time. Conversely, if you don’t fix a slot to go through your emails, you may be unable to handle them skillfully because divided attention results in a loss of focus and commitment. So, you fail to complete things timely.

2. Turn Off Email Notifications Otherwise

Turning off your email notifications when you are not checking them is also a hack you can adopt to increase your productivity. When you do so, you don’t receive constant reminders when you are doing other tasks. This enables you to do ongoing tasks quickly and then latch on to the email section to determine what needs to be done there. 

However, if you don’t put email notifications off, you will continuously receive reminders for different tasks, creating unnecessary pressure on you. 

Moreover, your attention will also get diverted, resulting in burnout due to stress. Hence, keep notifications off when you are not navigating through emails.

3. Check the Important Mails First

When you go through your inbox, instead of opening up all the messages in chronological order, you should determine the most significant ones first and then move on to others. This way, you don’t miss out on something required and valuable, which enables you to keep your progress in check. 

Moreover, you don’t have to open other messages; hence, you can select them all in one go to delete or mark them as read to nullify the notification bar. 

Further, it becomes easier for you to manage the succeeding electronic mail.

4. Use a Proofreading Service

It is another necessary aspect that can help you yield more productivity. When you use a tool for proofreading purposes, like a grammar checker, you succeed in omitting errors from your responses in the run time, which helps you save time. The use of an online grammar check service highlights the mistakes in your content when you write answers to different messages. 

Moreover, it also provides valuable suggestions to contextualize your responses better. Hence, you don’t have to read your follow-ups repeatedly and make amendments to make them look professional. 

Instead, you do that side by side. Consequently, your response rate gets better, and no mistakes can damage your standing.

Fun Fact: The Average time to answer a mail is 11h 42m 41s.

5. Keep Your Emails Compact and Concise

In the case of answering back to emails, keep your responses compact and concise instead of going into too much detail. This will help you go through more of them in a short period. 

However, if you try to give detailed answers, you won’t be able to go through a vast bulk of messages waiting for your answers. You learn how to answer them compactly with experience and practice; therefore, you should continuously adopt this practice to master the art. Moreover, if you feel like you won’t satisfy a colleague or client with brevity, a detailed answer needs to be given. Instead of emailing, you should call the concerned person and get things done quickly. 

Otherwise, you will spend extra minutes typing your response with futile results.

6. Unsubscribe Irrelevant Channels

For many reasons, removing unnecessary subscribers is paramount to increasing email efficiency. For example, too many subscriptions clog up your inbox, making it challenging to identify decisive messages quickly. This will help you optimize your email management and immediately respond to meaningful messages. Besides, unneeded subscriptions add to information overload by flooding your inbox with those that are unrelated to your needs. You may lose concentration and become less productive due to wasting time on pointless reading. 

Finally, lowering subscriptions reduces the chance of falling for spam and phishing scams. 

Further, you reduce your chance of receiving emails with harmful or undesired material by restricting the sources from which you receive them.

7. Apply Different Filters

Labeling and creating folders is another helpful practice that can help you masterfully manage your emails. You can label them into different folders and keep them there as soon as they arrive to find them quickly when needed. This way, you don’t have to go through the email catalog to get your hands on them later. Similarly, you can apply data filters to explore the history of a specific time to find those you require. With that, you can immediately select promotional emails and delete them to make space for new ones.

Final Remarks

These are the top strategies you can follow to set the bar high for your email productivity. If you stick with these guidelines, you can quickly hatch a pathway for yourself to make your communication matchless and priceless. When you apply these tricks and tips, you will significantly boost your work rate.

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