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There are a lot of ways in which Google is able to make its services safe and secure. One of those ways is by letting people verify their account through If you have verified your account through this link, Google will inform you about every suspicious activity that can inform you in case anyone tries to hamper your account security. 

For instance, if someone tries to log in secretly, you still have to grant permission. That said, if you still need to verify yourself, and you also want to make your account more secure, follow this write-up until the end.

Verifying Your Email Address While Creating a New Google Account

The first thing you should do with your account is to get it verified from g.go/verifyaccount the moment you create it. Creating an ID on Gmail or Google are two things. However, if you create one with a third-party webmail client like Outlook or Apple Mail, you will need to verify your email address. To do so:

  1. Visit your third-party email account.
  2. From your inbox, copy the verification code that you have received from Google.
  3. Enter the verification code in the required field and click Continue.

If you have entered the right code correctly, your email will be verified. However, to check if it is verified further, you can visit your Google Account. If there is any mistake during the procedure, you will be informed. 

When to Verify Your Gmail Account?

You must be aware of the significance of your Gmail account. It holds almost every piece of information related to or relevant to you that is on your mobile phone. From your photos to your contacts, everything gets backed up to your ID.

This is why it is quite risky to leave your identity unverified on this platform, since you can also lose this pivotal data. It further becomes necessary when someone is trying to breach your privacy or make the wrong use of it. 

Therefore, you must not take the risk and verify your identity in the following situations:

  1. Times when you are signing in to your ID from a new device or from a location where you haven’t been before.
  2. When trying to view the password. 
  3. The time when you realize that Gmail is not receiving emails.
  4. While resetting or restoring the password.
  5. While changing the settings, accessing it through another device, or gaining access to some private information.
  6. Downloading or exporting the data.
  7. Turning on the 2-factor verification.
  8. Lastly, at the moment of recovering your account.

So, these are the situations where you need to verify your identity so that any random user cannot hamper your privacy.

Alternative Ways to Verify Your Google Account

As mentioned earlier, these are the alternate ways listed through which you can verify your identity:

  1. Get a verification code on the recovery email address.
  2. Get the code via a phone call.
  3. Verify yourself through a Google prompt.
  4. Receive the Google verification code on the Android device.
  5. If you are accessing the account on a mobile device, use the fingerprint scanner to verify your identity.
  6. Use the old password to verify it’s you.

Through these six additional ways, you can verify your identity and enter the dashboard.

Troubleshoot: What to Do If You Do Not Receive the Verification Code?

It is a pretty common issue when you do not receive any recovery or verification code through a call, text, or email address from the One of the reasons can be the late transmission of data or any other technical issue. 

In such situations, you can go for the option “Try Another Way.” With this option, you can switch to a range of different options through which you can recover your account. 

Tips to Verify Your Gmail Account

To make sure that everything goes in the right direction when you are verifying your identity through, consider the following tips:

  1. Use commonly used browsing apps like Chrome and Safari.
  2. Make sure you access your account from the usual location.
  3. Use the same device to access your Google ID.
  4. When you choose to verify your identity through an old password, make sure to enter the same password as before.
  5. Prioritize difficult-to-guess passwords.
  6. Verify if you are using any internet proxy or VPN while accessing the account.

How to Verify Your Identity While Recovering Your Gmail Account?

Recovering your Google account is the most common situation in which you will need to verify your identity. For that, you can try multiple ways, and they are listed below:

1. Use Recovery Mobile Number to Recover Your Gmail Account

If you choose to recover your account through the recovery phone number:

  • Enter your Gmail address in the required field and click the Next button.
    enter your gmail address
  • In this case, if you don’t remember your password, click on the Try Another Way button.
    click on Try Another ways
  • Click on the “I don’t have my phone” option.
    pick one option
  • If you are comfortable with the prompt, go ahead, or again, press the Try Another Way option.
    try another way
  • Enter your phone number and click on the Send button
    click on the send button

After this, simply enter the verification code that you receive on your mobile number.

2. Recover Your Gmail Account Through 2-Factor Authentication

Another alternative through which you can recover your account is through the security key. To do so:

  • Enter your Gmail account on the prompt.
  • Click on the Forget Password button.
  • Finally, complete the 2-factor authentication and login. 

This is how you can verify your Google account through different ways. However, there are a lot of different alternatives available that you can go for. The main concern is to recover the account so that you can access your work emails on your smartphone or any other device.

Final Words

It is essential to protect your Google account using to keep your data safe. This procedure prevents uninformed access, whether it is during account recovery or email verification when creating one.

You can also use backup plans such as security keys and recovery phone numbers. The “Try Another Way” option offers different recovery options in case there are problems with code reception.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: You can verify your Gmail account by entering the verification code in the required field.

Ans: To recover your Gmail account, go to and enter your Gmail address. 


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