Key Takeaways

  • CCNA certification is offered by the company CISCO to validate your knowledge of fundamental networking concepts in the IT field. 
  • The consists of various sections that are designed to test individual knowledge of various skills, from theory to practical. 
  • MCSE certifications are offered by Microsoft to people who are expert in designing, administering, and implementing. 
  • Both of these exams complement each other. 

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is a certification issue by the networking hardware company Cisco. It is basically created to corroborate your knowledge of fundamental networking concepts, especially in the field of IT.

The exam is popular among those networking professional who are seeking to advance in their careers. The exam format consists of two main sections, designed to test individual fundamental skills and practical knowledge. 

As a primary certification in the Cisco certification system, CCNA certification covers three aspects:

  1. LAN: basic knowledge of network interconnection and network reference model, the introduction of Cisco routers and switches, principles and configuration of static and dynamic routing protocols (including RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF), implementation of VLAN and inter VLAN routing, use of CDP, VTP and STP protocols, wireless network interconnection and IPv6, etc.
  2. WAN: WAN access technology, use of PPP and frame relay, DHCP and NAT, etc.
  3. Network Security: introduction of network security, use of access control list, and implementation of a secure remote office.

Value of CCNA certificate

After you complete the network system engineer certification training, you will find it easier to enter a well-known foreign enterprise to serve as a system engineer. With CCNA certificate, you will find that not only does the threshold for finding a job decrease, but the job opportunities also increase, and the actual salary is also adjusted satisfactorily.

At the same time, through receiving the training of professional skills before the examination and certification, candidates can understand Microsoft’s technical knowledge more thoroughly and have the ability to make use of and maintain Cisco network infrastructure.

Microsoft certified systems engineer, MCSE is a certification offered by Microsoft for IT professionals. It is provided to the individuals who showcase exceptional skills in designing and implementing. 


Do You Know?

The exam was retired by Microsoft in 2017 and was replaced by new certifications, relevant to the latest technological update.

Comparison of MCSE and CCNA:

Although MCSE and CCNA are two directions of certification and there is no direct comparability because the two are complementary to each other, the problems between them should be sorted out and summarized.

From the Perspective of Basic Requirements

It takes less time to learn for CCNA certification exam. As for ordinary people, CCNA certification involves basic network knowledge and equipment, and also needs the support of Cisco equipment. The learning cycle is about 1–3 months. Students can learn by themselves or take part in CCNA certification training.

MCSE is easy to learn and is applied more in daily life. The stand-alone machine can meet most of its examination requirements. The learning cycle of 7 MCSE subjects is at least 3–6 months.

From the Perspective of Learning Costs: 

CCNA certification has low cost. It only involves one examination, and the examination fee is 321 US dollars. If you learn for the certification by yourself, the cost of books and materials will not exceed 416 US dollars.

The MCSE has 7 exams, and the exam fee alone is 450 RMB * 7 = 450 US dollars.

From the Perspective of Employment Directions: 

CCNA certification is more professional. CCNA certificate holders’ employment directions include system integration, network debugging, installation and maintenance, etc.

Suitable positions for MCSE certified personnel include system administrator, network administrator, etc.

From the Perspective of Work Content:

CCNA certification requires hands-on ability. It involves simple Cisco equipment debugging and basic network knowledge.

MCSE involves the management, configuration and maintenance of a network and system in a Windows environment.

Interesting Fact :

CCNA certification exam was first initiated back in 1998 as CCNA 640-407.


To Pass CCNA Certification, You Must Master the Following Knowledge And Skills: Cisco network foundation and common network protocols, basic connection and composition of Cisco Router, common configuration and interface settings of Cisco, static routing learning and instance configuration, implementation and instance configuration of dynamic routing, configuration and use of ISDN, understanding and system configuration of the switch, construction of virtual local area network and comprehensive use of routing exchange.


It is a comprehensive test and understanding the format is the first step to conquer. This will help you to prepare a strategy effectively. Passing this test will not only validate your knowledge but will open doors to many opportunities. There are many online available courses and training that ill help you in the preparation.

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