If you are a programmer or even a developer who owns the skills to develop applications using different programming languages then, you must have heard about different cross-platform app development languages. 

Out of diversified programming languages, and platforms that have brought a lot of ease in the lives of developers, React Native stands firm – bringing both expert options and features to the customers. 

A react native app development company not only understands your unique requirements, but ends up delivering a fully functional and versatile application that is unique, and customer-centric. 

In this blog, we are going to list down different app development languages and will discuss one unique point for each to give you a clearer, and more concise point of view – making your decision-making even easier. 

Are you ready to explore it?

Cross-platform mobile frameworks Used By Software and App Developers Worldwide

According to statista, Flutter is the most popular programming language that is used by programmers, and developers worldwide. However, if we look closer at the stats, back in 2022 and 2023 a survey took place that indicates that more than 46% of the total software devs used Flutter. 

Whereas, there were 50% preferred to use React Native (RN) and Swift on both Android and iOS.


Each year, new stats come in and every day we find out how interesting the technological impact is, and how far things have come along the way. 

For your ease, we have mentioned the complete overview from the past two years so you can get an idea of which cross-platform technology is used widely and how anyone can develop their ideal application without any hassle. 

Top 5 Cross-Platform Applications Used By Cross-Platform App Development Companies

We are good enough with the statistics related to app design and development, co-related to the languages. Hence, we are about to discuss the top 5 languages that a cross platform app development company uses, and train their programmers, and professionals to build application using those languages to meet the unique requirements of the clients.

React Native Programming Language

RN is an open-source software framework that was created by Meta Platform for application development. It was used to create applications that go smoothly on Android phones, Android TVs, MacOS, Apple TV, Web-based apps, and Desktops, enabling professionals of the field to capture all types of audiences and bring in results that are captivating, and customer-centric. 

Statistic on react native

You can easily 2X your complete sales and leads by delivering the best React Native application to the customers and connecting with them on a one-on-one page.

The most interesting fact is its open source, hence, you don’t have to pay any hidden or extra charges to use this platform for developing applications.

Flutter Mobile App Development

You can find various app developers in NYC, Canada, or even Chicago who are keen on app design and development enabling a seamless yet intuitive user experience for the customers.

Flutter stands first as we’ve seen different app devs use this platform to develop applications and build a long-term, and smooth relationship with the customers.

This programming language is widely used by professionals, and just like React, it’s also an open-source software development kit created by Google officials. It can be used to create apps that will work on both Android and iOS operating systems – therefore, it’s the most interesting part of this language. Flutter was initially introduced by Google and was launched in May 2017. 

Considering the launching year, this language is not that old and still has managed to cage a huge amount of audience. 

Ionic Mobile App Development

Thirdly, we have the Ionic mobile framework that is again very widely used, and developers use it to develop cross-functional and platform programs for customers. 

This language is used by cross-platform workers to develop apps with intuitive user interfaces, and it’s based on AngularJS.

Just like any other language, it’s an open-source front-end development framework, which means it allows you to code and develop your dream application without even accessing anything by paying any hidden charges. 

So, if you examine and put it alongside Ionic, you will be amazed to see that both of these languages give huge competition to each other.

Xamarin Cross-Platform App Development

On the fourth, we have Xamarin cross-platform app development which is hands down one of the best platforms for developing both Android and iOS-based programs. 

This framework is different from various languages. You must be thinking how? It’s a streamlined framework that can be used for developing for Android, Macbook, and Windows using both C# and .Net frameworks – following OOP concepts and class-based structures.

Xamarin interest over time

One of the most interesting parts is, it allows the developer to use more than 90% of the code to develop applications for three different platforms — hence, you don’t have to code again and again.

Node.js App Development

Lastly, we have Node.js, which is another incredible app development framework, ideally used for creating programs built on run-time data analysis, using the JavaScript engine. 

Similarly, to any other framework, it’s an open-source environment that supports the development of both server and client-side backed with strong networking. 

Hence, devs who want to develop a more efficient, and performance-oriented application prefer to use Node.js as the core development platform. This interesting platform will allow you to handle different connections together, and come up with a more intuitive UX/UX that will 2X your overall sales.

Have You Chosen Your App Development Language Yet?

And we are done for the day. For your ease, and instant understanding we have tried to cover all the amazing five types of cross-platform app development technologies that are highly in demand, and loved by users worldwide. 

App developers worldwide use the programming languages that best suit their working environment, and meet the unique requirements of the clients. However, if you still possess some questions then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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