Have you ever faced the problem that you have been controlling your income and expenses for a long time, planning large purchases, saving money for a “rainy day” and growing in career terms, but there still seems to be not enough money? 


In addition to inflation and falling real incomes, your “bad” habits about your family budget are also to blame for this. If you are trying to save money on everything, but at the same time you want to have fun, then you can visit a live casino, simple entertainment that is available to everyone. In this article, we will figure out what these items and services are that spend your family budget, and not save it! 

Family Budget

Coffee in Coffee Shops

For most people, visiting a coffee shop is routine, and paying for service is a stunning peaceful atmosphere where you can chat with the barista, sip a fragrant drink with amazing lavender syrup, or do office work away from home. I know many people who do not take breakfast in the morning, and do it every time in a coffee shop or sometimes take coffee coffee on the way to work. One cup of coffee usually costs approx $ 5-15. Could you imagine that they spend around 300 dollars in a month- if have a 5-day working week? It could be more if they have a 6-day working week. Could you imagine how many grains of coffee seeds you can buy in this amount? If preferred, you may purchase syrups and learn how to whip milk, brew, and grind coffee at home on your own. It can be an amazing morning routine. 

Products for the Future

Surely, promotional deals support saving an extra penny. This does not go with all the products or items. You may purchase frozen meat and cereals under the promotion, but cannot buy fruits and vegetables in large amounts at a discount. As they will get rot more quickly than you utilize them in-house. 

Decorative Elements

Very often, women’s looks are mesmerized in stores by attractive figurines and trinkets for the interior. A few of these items will add comfort to the house, but it’s not worth buying them all the time. In addition to cluttering up your home, you will also get an empty wallet.

Incomplete Laundry

Many people make it a habit to wash just a couple of T-shirts in one wash. They do not even think that one washing cycle consumes about 30-40 liters of water. Not to mention electricity. Therefore, the load in the washing machine should be complete.

Battery-Powered Appliances

Of course, portable electronics and battery-powered household appliances are very convenient to use. But think about how much money you spend on batteries, which today are not budgeted at all.

Bad Habits

Nicotine-addicted people try not to notice that they spend more than $300-500 a month on cigarettes. But it is worth noting that according to statistics, people who finally quit smoking wanted to save just the same, and did not think about the harm to their health.

Family Budget Planning

Family budget planning is carried out for one calendar month (short-term planning). If large expenditures are planned during the year, for example, repairs or recreation, then long-term budgeting can also be carried out.

You can only make a budget based on the facts of specific figures. It is impossible to build a table of income and expenses without knowing approximately their size. Every family has an individual budget, so there is no gold standard for how it should look.

Of course, how many software products can be used for family budget planning (more on them below), but you can use simple Excel spreadsheets.

Some recommendations on the priority of budget formation:

  • Determine the total amount of income. It is better to underestimate their size than to overstate it. Otherwise, there may be a shortage of money.
  • Acknowledge the mandatory expenses that the family must fulfill. These include expenses for food, utilities, school fees, kindergarten, mobile communication, maintenance of a family car or public transport;
  • Allocate a small amount of costs for yourself. No need to neglect personal expenses. Let it be 500-1000 dollars, but such a cost item must necessarily be;
  • Assume the deductions for the airbag. The family must set a minimum threshold, which it will send monthly to replenish the family capital. For example, 5%
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