Everyone nowadays watches YouTube videos to learn and have fun, and you can find a video on any website. This implies that the browser will keep information from certain websites on your device, such as the site’s logo, photographs, text, etc.

Unfortunately, since cache and cookies are saved on the device, this will use additional storage space. So, if you want to clear the cache, the next section of this post will teach you how to easily erase YouTube’s cookies and cache after watching one of your favorite videos. Follow the steps on How to Clear the Youtube Cache?

Why do you need to clear the YouTube Cache?

When you visit a website using a browser, some of the data on the site is automatically downloaded to your device. When you return to the site in the future, you’ll find that the loading speeds and general functioning have improved significantly due to this modification.

But it’s not all peaches and sunshine. Caches and cookies take up space on your computer or mobile device, but videos downloaded from YouTube may take up far more. Additionally, if your device has many caches and cookies, it may perform slower. If you’re experiencing issues such as YouTube not functioning, clearing the cache may help.

This is why it is vital to know how to clear YouTube’s cache and cookies. However, deleting your YouTube cookies and history will cause two issues:

  • Because YouTube’s cache and cookies, as well as previous videos and playlists, are removed, you must check in to your account before your preferences may be preserved. As a result, you should take precautions to safeguard your YouTube account and password. If you don’t, the YouTube sign-in issue will become a nuisance.
  • Since the cache (which stores photos, logos, sections, and more) has been deleted, YouTube’s loading speed may have slowed.

If you know your YouTube account’s password and don’t mind the slow loading speed, you may free up space on your computer and use it for other reasons by clear the cache and cookies.

How to clear the YouTube cache from your computer?

  • To begin, launch Chrome and go to the settings panel by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Second, choose “More Tools” from the menu and click “Clear browsing data.”
  • Third, confirm the period you want to clear under the Basic menu, and then choose the information you want to delete, including your browsing history, cookies, and other site data, as well as any cached pictures and files.
  • Forth, Select the “Clear data” option. The YouTube cache and cookies will then be removed.
  • Because your YouTube history and cookies have been wiped, you will need to log in again the next time you visit the site.

How to clear the Youtube cache on your Android or iPhone?

This article will teach you how to clear your phone’s YouTube cache. The last one demonstrated how to do it on your PC. When we compare the two, we can identify how they vary.

  • To begin, open Google Chrome on your iOS or Android device.
  • Step 2: On Android smartphones, the three-dot symbol is located in the upper-right corner of the interface, whereas on iPhones, it is located in the lower-right corner.
  • In Step 3, open the History menu and choose Clear browsing data.
  • Select the boxes next to the things to be removed, such as browsing history, cookies, and site data, and then click the “Remove” button.
  • You will confirm that you wish to remove the information you selected in the fifth and final stage. On your Android phone, press the Clear Data button, and on your iPhone, press the Clear Browsing Data button.


When you’ve had enough of viewing and reading the same videos and articles on YouTube. If you wish to refresh the stream simultaneously, you must know how to clear the Youtube cache and cookies. To free up the space, follow the procedures to clear the cache on an iPhone, Android device, or PC. Make it simpler and more efficient to use your technological gadgets.

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